Open House

Open House Burnley is also dedicated to helping clients from across the globe to effectively secure and invest in the UK’s Residential and Commercial property market.

We work to streamline and simplify what would often be the overwhelming task of sourcing, securing and pre-negotiating with developers and vendors some of the best investment opportunities that would generate maximum returns on investment (ROI) in prime locations across the UK on behalf of our client.


Acquisition & Securing

Our journey begins with you. Whether you are new or a seasoned investor, sourcing and securing the right property to invest in can at times be an overwhelming and time consuming experience for anyone wanting to build and grow a profitable property portfolio.

Whether it be land suitable for development, commercial buildings for re-development or residential for refurbishment and quick-flips, our team are experienced in sourcing and securing investment opportunities with the right fundamental for a profitable investment.


Invest with us

As property investment consultants, we are also investors ourselves and are passionate about creating and building wealth for our clients through streams of property investment deals.

We bring together a wealth of local experience when it comes to sourcing and securing the best property investment deals, thus giving you the confidence to invest your money with us and give you a guarantee return on your investment.